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Orlando Businesses Trust SERVPRO For Commercial Water Removal

12/18/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of South Orange County genuinely cares about their city. Call them today if you have any issues.

Commercial Water Removal Should Begin As Rapidly As Possible in Orlando Properties

The city of Orlando makes most people think of Disney World. However, there is so much more to this area of Florida than that. The town got established in 1838, shortly after the Seminole War, which resulted in the U.S. Army building Fort Gatlin to protect the settlers from hostile Indian tribes in the area. Before the era became known as its present-day name, it was known as Jernigan, after one of the region's founding families. 

To get considered as a fully-fledged town on its own, Jernigan needed a post office, and by 1850, it had one. The community continued attracting people and growing. In 1857, the town changed its name to Orlando. At the time of the formal incorporation in 1875, the city had 85 residents and 22 registered voters among them. The one fact about the town that no one is sure about is where the name came from; there are four well-known theories: 

  • A local politician named the city after a man who worked for him
  • The same politician was a Shakespeare fan and named the town after a character in the play "As You Like It"
  • An ox herder died passing through the town, and locals started referring to the city as "there lies Orlando"
  • The town was named after a U.S. soldier from the Seminole Wars

Citrus Builds Up Orlando

Between 1875 through 1895, Orlando became the center for citrus production in Florida. An unprecedented freeze hit the area in 1895 and forced many of the smaller orange and grapefruit growers out of business as they could not absorb the loss. This led to many of the larger companies buying out the groves and creating the term, "Citrus Baron."

Military Base Attracts Jobs in Orlando

During WWII, the local municipal airport got converted into Orlando Army Air Base. This led to a new airport getting built and quickly getting changed into Pinecastle Air Force Base.

With the establishment of the bases, Martin Marietta, now known as Lockheed Martin, built a significant aerospace defense plant during the post-WWII growth period in 1956 and hired a large segment of the local population to work I'm the facility. 

The Cruise Industry Loves Orlando

The Beachline Expressway gives residents easy passage to get to Port Canaveral, a popular cruise ship terminal. Another large scale employer in the area is the Kennedy Space Center. 

Walt Disney World in Orlando

When Walt Disney announced in 1965, he intended to build a theme park in Orlando, shifting the focus for vendors in the city to get involved in the marketplace's tourism sector. After breaking ground shortly after his announcement, Walt Disney World opened in October 1971. There are as many jobs in the tourism industry as in the tech and agriculture sectors, and this area of Florida boasts more theme parks and attractions than any other place on earth. 

Top Attractions in Orlando

Along with the Magic Kingdom that takes more than a day to see most of it, there are many venues for people to visit, such as Orlando Studios, where there is an ever-changing group of rides, shows, and more. Seaworld is another massive draw for tourists and locals alike. With killer whales, dolphins, seals, and more, this venue introduces attendees to a host of cool experiences to interact with animals. To compete with that, Disney opened up an Animal Kingdom. It allows visitors to have encounters with exotic animals, with over 2000 animals consisting of 300 unique species. 

There are a vast number of outdoor activities to engage in for residents and tourists alike. Hiking season is available all year round. Great places to hike in the Orlando area include: 

  • Rock Springs 
  • Kelly Park
  • Winter Gardens

Stand-up paddleboarding is an activity that is uniquely Floridian. There are several venues throughout the city where paddleboards can get rented, and some come with instructors that teach users how to stand up and paddle. For anyone that loves a faster pace, there are ample areas to engage in ziplining.

Hurricanes in Orlando

Because the city of Orlando is further inland, it sometimes avoids the wrath of hurricanes and tropical storms. However, the city is no stranger to the destructive power of hurricane-force winds. Flash flooding can also be an issue requiring local property owners to get their homes and businesses professionally extracted and dried. The year-round temperatures are mild in the winter, with the average low reaching the low 50s and the highs in the 90s. 

What Are The Steps For Commercial Water Removal in Orlando Properties?

When SERVPRO gets the call for commercial water removal in Orlando properties, the techs arrive quickly so they can begin the restoration services as rapidly as possible. The technicians scope the property and look for obvious migration paths of the water and determine if there are any furnishings, stock, or computer equipment that needs removal out of the area. 

Collections of moisture that are not readily visible can get seen using specialized equipment such as:

  • Moisture detectors
  • Probes for floors 
  • Infrared cameras

Once identified, the techs choose the type of water extraction method best suited for the amount of water. One of the most commonly used pieces of equipment is the portable pump. These powerful devices can pull moisture up and out, enabling the drying phase of the mitigation to take less time. For clean up situations that involve large scale removal of standing water, the techs have access to both truck-mounted and submersible pumps. Commercial water extraction needs exacting attention as soon as possible. Afterward, they use their professional drying equipment to ensure that the structure verifies as dry as quickly. The final cleanup and disinfection can begin so the building can reopen for business. 

SERVPRO of South Orange County at (407) 226-2621 for professional commercial water removal in local Orlando business properties. The experienced technicians have both comprehensive training and equipment to turn around the damage to the property.

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